Sivappu Santhana Podi / Red Sandalwood Powder


100 % pure red sandalwood powder. No preservative no artificial colors added.

Botanical Name     –  Pterocarpus santalinus
English Name         –  Red Sandalwood Powder
Tamil Name             –  சிவப்பு சந்தன பொடி/Sivappu Santhana Podi
Malayalam Name  – ചുവന്ന ചന്ദനം /Cuvanna candanam
Telugu Name          –  ఎర్ర చందనం/Erra candanam
Hindi Name             –   लाल चंदन/laal chandan


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About Sivappu Santhanam :

Pterocarpus santalinus, commonly known as Red Sandalwood, is a native and endemic to India and can only be found in the southern parts of the Eastern Ghats. It is a small tree that grows to 5-8 meters in height and has a dark grayish bark. The wood at the center of the trunk is used as medicine.

Benefits of Sivappu Santhana Podi : 

  • Red sandalwood is rich in all the essential nutrients for the skin. So using Red Sandalwood paste mask on face daily can prevent many skin problems.
  • Sivappu Santhana Podi will help to remove sun turn skin easily.
  • Red sandalwood is also used to treat serious injuries caused by diabetes.
  • Sivappu Santhanam is used to cure liver problems.

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