Boomi Sakkaravalli Kilangu Podi/ Sweet Potato Powder – 100 grams



Botanical Name      –   Ipomoea batatas
English Name           –   Sweet Potato
Tamil Name              –    Boomi Sakkaravalli Kilangu Podi/பூமி சக்கரை கிழங்கு பொடி
Malayalam Name  –   Madhurakkilannu/മധുരക്കിഴങ്ങ്
Telugu Name           –  Genusu Gadda/గెనుసు గడ్డ
Hindi Name             –   Shakarakand / शकरकंद



About Boomi Sakkaravalli Kilangu :

Sakkaravalli Kilangu is widely cultivated in tropical and warm temperate climates.Sweet potato stems are usually long and trailing leaves that vary in shape. The fleshy roots are served as a cooked vegetable. The edible part is the much-enlarged tuberous root, varying in shape from fusiform to oblong or pointed oval.

Sugar beet (sweet potato) changes its color according to climatic conditions. White, yellow, red and dark blue. The result in India is red sugar beet tubers.

Benefits of Boomi Sakkaravalli Kilangu  Podi:

  • Sweet potatoes are best for those who suffer from weight gain and obesity.
  • Sugar beet is a wonderful medicine that removes toxins from our body.
  • Sweet potatoes are also rich in vitamin C. People with anemia and pregnant women can often add this vitamin to their diet as it helps boost your immune system and help the body absorb iron.
  • Due to the high fiber content of sweet potatoes, it is an excellent remedy for high blood sugar in diabetics.
  • The anthocyanins and fiber present in sweet potatoes help maintain heart health.
  • Sakkaravalli  contains vitamin C, vitamin E and anti-oxidants. These will greatly help to protect the skin from reaching the appearance of aging.


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