Murungai Poo / Drumstick Flower Dried [Raw]


Organic pure drumstick flower (murungai poo). No preservatives no artificial colors added.


Botanical Name         –   Moringa oleifera
English Name             –   Drumstick flower
Tamil Name                 –   Murungai Poo/முருங்கை பூ
Malayalam Name      –   Muringai pu/മുരിങ്ങ പൂ
Telugu Name              –   Munaga puvvu/మునగ పువ్వు
Hindi Name                 –   Sahjan ke phool/सहजन का फूल

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About Murungai :

Moringa oleifera is a fast-growing, drought-resistant tree of the family Moringaceae, native to the Indian subcontinent. Common names include moringa, drumstick tree , horseradish tree .

Benefits of Murungai poo :

  • The nutritional quality and main health benefits mainly lie on the drumstick flower, leaves as well as the seeds.
  • These parts of the plant are rich in Vitamin B1, B2, B3, Vitamin A, and vitamin C.
  • There are also the minerals calcium, iron, phosphorus and magnesium to be found in these parts of the tree as well.
  • Moringa Poo are loaded with strong immune boosting phytonutrients that strengthens the immune system and enables it to fight off infections.
  • Diabetics can also use drumstick flowers in their regular diet. If they take drumstick flowers regularly, the unwanted effects of diabetes will get cured.

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