Kandathippili/ Indian Long Pepper Dried [Raw]



Botanical Name        –   Piper longum
English Name             –   Indian Long Pepper
Tamil Name                 –   Kandathippili/கண்டதிப்பிலி
Malayalam Name     –   Kattuthippili/കട്ടുതിപ്പിലി
Telugu Name              –   Pippalu/పిప్పలు
Hindi Name                 –   Pipara/पिपरा

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About Kandathippili:

Indian Long Pepper is most popular in Tamil Nadu and it has been in use all over the world from ancient times.It is used extensively in-home remedies.The fruits are called  ArisiThippili  in Tamil and the roots are called Kandathippili in Tamil .

Benefits of Kandathippili:

  • Indian Long pepper/Kandathippili is an effective herb for treating obesity and for weight loss. It has the property to remove the fat and toxins from the body thus promoting weight loss.
  •  The antibacterial, antiseptic and antibiotic properties helps to treat fever.
  •  Long pepper improves the appetite and boosts the digestive system.

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