Magizham Vithai / Spanish cherry Seeds [Raw] – 100 grams


Brand : Nanjil Herbs

Botanical Name           –      Mimusops elengi
English Name               –       Spanish cherry
Tamil Name                   –       Magizham Vithai/மகிழம் விதை
Malayalam Name        –       Ilanji/ഇലഞ്ഞി
Telugu Name                –       Pogada chettu/పొగడ చెట్టు
Hindi Name                   –        Maulsari/मौलसरी


About Magizham Poo :

Magizham tree, the ancient tree of Tamil Nadu, has a tendency to sprout and flourish everywhere. It grows in large numbers in the mountain ranges of Tamil Nadu. The leaves, fruit, berries, flowers and bark are said to be beneficial to humans.

Benefits of Magizham Poo :

  • Use of Magizham Poo will reduce Migraine headaches.
  • Spanish cherry flower is used to get rid of fever, headache, body aches, neck and thigh pain.
  • Regular use of Magizham Poo will improve the knowledge development.


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