Kurunthotti / Country Mallow [raw] – 100 grams



Botanical Name       –   Sida cordifolia
English Name           –   Country Mallow Root
Tamil Name               –   Kurunthotti ver/குறுந்தொட்டி வேர்
Malayalam Name   –   kurunthotti /കുറുന്തോട്ടി
Telugu Name            –   Chittamutti/చుట్టముట్టి
Hindi Name               –   Khirainti/खिरैंटी


About Kurunthotti  :

Herbs are the greatness that our ancestors gave us. In that Kurunthotti Ver is special among them. Kurunthotti is a perennial subshrub native to India. It has naturalized throughout the world.

Benefits of Kurunthotti  : 

  • The roots of the kurunthotti are used to cure fever.
  • Country Mallow are used to flush out our waste and to heal stomach ulcers and mouth ulcers.
  • It is used to cure bone related diseases.
  • Kurunthotti ver are used in the form of oil.


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