Maamarathu Pattai / Mango Bark [Raw] – 100 grams



Botanical Name      –      Mangifera indica
English Name          –      Mango Bark
Tamil Name              –      Maamarathupattai/மா மரப்பட்டை
Malayalam Name   –     Mamarappattai/മാമരപ്പട്ടൈ
Telugu Name           –     Mamidi beradu/మామిడి బెరడు
Hindi Name              –      Aam kee chhaal/आम की छाल


About Mango Tree :

Mango is a large tree that can grow up to 35 – 40 m tall. Its leaves are evergreen and alternate.The bark is thick and rough. When the tree matures the bark will come off on its own.References to mango in Indian mythology refer to it as the food of the gods. The English name Mango is derived from the Tamil word ‘மாங்காய்’. Mango is also one of the delicacies of ancient Tamil Nadu.

Benefits of Maamarapattai :

  • Maamarathu pattai is rich source of Vitamin A and Vitamin E, as well as Selenium.
  • Maamarathu pattai get rid of Leucorrhoea, Indigestion, Dysentery.
  • Useful for bacterial infections.


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