Kuppaimeni Podi / Indian Nettle Powder



Botanical Name           –    Acalypha  indica
English Name               –    Indian nettle Powder
Tamil Name                   –     Kupaimeni Podi/குப்பைமேனி பொடி
Malayalam Name        –     Kuppikhokhali/കുപ്പി,കുപ്പിഖോഖലി
Telugu Name                –      kuppi Chettu/కుప్పి చెట్టు
Hindi Name                   –      Khokla/ खोकला


About Kuppaimeni :

Kuppaimeni is also called by different names as அரிமஞ்சரி, பூனைவணங்கி, குப்பி, மார்ஜலமோகினி.It is a medicinal herb. This annual plant is found in countries like India and Sri Lanka. All parts of the plant are medically used.

Benefits of Kuppaimeni Podi :

  • Traditionally kuppaimeni is used to get rid of unwanted hair growth, for treating skin problems like pimples, to get rid of cough and cold, to treat intestinal worms.
  • Kuppaimeni Podi is a good remedy for skin diseases. If you have skin disease, dandruff, eczema, take Kuppaimeni Podi, mix it with turmeric and salt and apply it all over the body to cure skin disease. Can be applied daily and is harmless.
  • Make a paste of the Kuppaimeni leaves and add a common salt to it, then apply on the itches.
  • The leaf juice, when mixed with cumin powder and turmeric, acts as a very good medicine for cold.


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