Thetran Kottai Podi / Clearing Nut Powder – 100 grams



Botanical Name         –   Strychnos potatorum
English Name             –  Clearing Nut
Tamil Name                 –   Thetran Kottai/தேற்றான் கொட்டை
Malayalam Name     –   Tettamparal/റ്റെട്ടാംപാറൽ
Telugu Name              –   Chillachettu/చిల్లగింజ
Hindi Name                 –   Samaashodhan akharot/समाशोधन अखरोट



About Thetran Kottai:

Strychnos potatorum also known as clearing-nut tree.The seeds of the tree are commonly used in traditional medicine.The seed of the Thetran tree is called Thetran  nut.Our ancestors were the ones who used it extensively due to the innumerable benefits of this tree nut.

Benefits of Thetran Kottai Podi :

  • The fruits of the teak tree look like novel fruit. Often, its seeds are used medicinally.
  • It is usually used to treat cuts, bruises, constipation, urinary irritation, urinary incontinence and diarrhea.
  • It is the best medicine for the eye which causes depression.
  • Even today our ancestors have been using the nutmeg available in herbal medicine to clear the water without abandoning the traditional practice.


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