Kuru Milagu /Black Pepper – 100 gram


Brand : Nanjil Herbs

In Ayurveda, people have used black pepper in traditional medicine for thousands of years.
Kuru milagu is one of the spices grows in India and other tropical Asian countries. Black pepper, while used in cooking and garnishing the food world over, and black pepper also comes with lots of health benefits. Black pepper relieves cold and cough, reduce weight. Black pepper also helps in regulating heart rate and high blood pressure. Black pepper added to our daily diet as it is the best way we can stay fit naturally.



Botanical Name     –   Piper nigrum
English Name         –   Black Pepper
Tamil Name             –   Kuru milagu/குறுமிளகு
Malayalam Name  –   Kurumulaku/കുരുമുളക്
Telugu Name          –   Nalla miriyālu/నల్ల మిరియాలు
Hindi Name             –   Kaalee mirch/काली मिर्च