Kalarchi Kaai / Bonduc Nut [Raw] – 100 grams


Brand : Nanjil Herbs

Botanical Name      –   Caesalpinia Bonducella
English Name          –   Bonduc Nut, Febrifuge Nut
Tamil Name              –   Kalichchikkaai/கழிச்சிக்காய்
Malayalam Name   –   Kalanchi/കാളാഞ്ചി
Telugu Name           –   Gachchakaya / గచ్చ్చకాయ
Hindi Name              –   Kantkarej/कांटकरंज


About Kalarchi Kaai :

Kalarchi Kaai is a common vine plant found in some parts of our country. This kalarchi kaai is also called தெலுக்காய் in the southern districts. The leaves, stems, seeds and roots of this plant are all rich in medicinal properties.

Benefits of Kalarchi Kaai :

  • Kalarchi kaai inhibits parameters that leads to asthma. Kalarchi kaai powder mixed with honey helps reduce asthma.
  • Bonduc Nut has been used for various skin diseases.
  • Kalarchi kaai has been used for reducing fever and body pain.
  • It is rich in  anti diabetic properties, this will reduce high blood sugar levels.



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