Vembalam Pattai / Alkanet Root [Raw]


Brand : Nanjil Herbs

100 % Pure, Natural and Organic  Vembalam pattai . No added flavors and preservatives.

When added to coconut oil, Vembalam pattai / Alkanet prevents all scalp infections, including dandruff. It also prevents premature greying of the hair and promotes hair growth as well for both males and females.

  • Botanical Name    –  Alkanna tinctoria
  • English Name         –  Alkanet
  • Tamil Name             –  Vembalam Pattai  (வேம்பாளம் பட்டை)
  • Malayalam Name  –  Vempalam pattayi  (വെമ്പലം പട്ടായി)
  • Telugu Name          –  Vembalam pattayi  (వెంబలం పట్టాయి)
  • Hindi Name             –  Rajantot root  (राजनतोत जड़)


Uses of Vembalam Pattai

  • Vembalam pattai / Alkanet has been used from ancient times as a natural herbal dye
  • Vembalam pattai reduce hair fall and increase hair growth
  • Vembalam pattai is used to treat all scalp related problems like, dandruff, headache,  skin infections.
  • Use it with coconut oil to make hair oil to reduce your hair fall


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